Domaine de Gayfie: Culham Cottage

Culham Cottage

Domaine de Gayfie

The DOMAINE DE GAYFIE is located in South West France. As a part of the Quercy region it has been left untouched by mass tourism. The "Domaine" consists of 145 hectares of oak woods and meadows along the Lantory creek which crosses the Domaine from its spring to the Lot river.

Here vou can enjoy your holidays in peacefulness and tranquillity. The village is situated - like the ancient Gallic fortress once built here - on the planes surmounting the Lot and the Lantouy Valley. Come and marvel at the view over oak-wooded hills and the chalked-cliffs over the river.

Let our chef seduce you with the culinary specialities on a warm summer evening. The DOMAINE DE GAYFIE offers a very individual environment to pass your holidays and leisure time.

Forget the stress. The site is beautiful and calm. Come here to spend your holidays in luxuriously, equipped houses in a preserved nature.

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